Monday, July 26, 2010

Big update, upcoming releases

I've got a few releases coming up, thought I'd quickly mention them here;

As mentioned before, Bono has a bizcard coming out on Stone Lion, I'm not sure when that'll be released but I imagine itll be before this other stuff

We also recorded a second self-titled album with the same personel (Matt / Kyle / Dan) as the first, 3 untitled tracks, 36 minutes. Will be released on CDr by Oligoscene in a month or two. The lineup is the same as the first Bono album but the sound is more akin to the Stone Lion bizcard material.

Also working on that single giant track that spans more than 60 mins, will also be released on CDr by Oligoscene, probably a month or two after Bono II.

Tar Pits has a c40 split with Dotåbåtå coming out on Hoarse, one track, kinda sounds like dark ambient for the first half and then morphs into some Basinski-like shit.

Starting work on a second Tar Pits album, only one track/5mins done so far though so that wont be done until the end of the year or later.

Finally, check out what the Tar Pits/Dotabata split will apparently look like:

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tar Pits - Cold War Paranoia

Tar Pits - Cold War Paranoia
Released in 2010
CDr, unlimited edition

1. Cold War Paranoia (39:35)

Tar Pits is my dark ambient/drone project inspired by Lull, Thomas Köner, Troum, The Caretaker, etc. I was very proud of this particular song when I first finished it, but now that I've had time to distance myself from its creation I can hear a lot of flaws that I'll hopefully improve in future. Overall I'm still pretty happy with it, especially the very beginning. Cantankerous Records were nice enough to release it and I'm pretty sure its an unlimited edition so you can still buy it from them if you want a physical copy for whatever reason. They also release plenty of other cool shit.