Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bono - Monolith #1

Bono - Monolith #1
Released in 2010
CDr, 8 copies

1. Monolith #1 (68:25)

Bono's 3rd album, very different to our other material, very dense, almost HNW in places but with high pitched grinding and squeals that cut through the slow-burning rumble. Some vocals appear about halfway through at the climax of the piece. We spent way too long on this thing, hope people enjoy it. Recommended if you like The Rita, Vomir, Sick Llama, etc

Send an email to oligoscene@gmail.com if you want to trade for a physical copy, otherwise use the download link above!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holy shit!

Really dropped the ball in terms of releases hey? Was super busy with school for a while there. Anyway, couple Bono CDrs out this week, after that I'm working on more Tar Pits and possibly some noisegrind Bono material.

Also I've been completely addicted to footwork lately, so hopefully I'll be making some of that myself.