Monday, April 4, 2011

Huge update!! New albums! Old stuff uploaded!!

It feels like forever since I updated or even thought about this blog, but I've actually been somewhat busy with music in the last month or two

Firstly, I've uploaded both of Bono's self-titled albums to, and I'll try to get Obscured Voice up there soon.

Also, Bono has recorded a shitload more noisegrind/sludge stuff, probably enough for two albums! I will be editing and mixing those over the next couple weeks so expect them after a month or so!

Finally I finished another music project and uploaded it here a couple weeks ago! But I forget to tell anyone, so now you all know. It's an all chopped and screwed, distorted and edited dubstep/brostep/grime mix. It sounds heavy as fuck! I made this because I listen to the way the US dubstep scene is going and I don't think they're taking it nearly far enough, everything needs to be distorted and slowed down to a crawl. It needs to be the electronic equivalent of Corrupted! I mostly made this for myself + my friends but I might as well put it up for anyone to listen to. The artists in the mix are; 16bit, Cardopusher, Tempa T, Aphex Twin, Broken Note, Hecq, Excision / Datsik, Britney Spears