Monday, October 3, 2011

Been a while...

I've been neglecting this blog, Bono actually played our first gig about 6 weeks ago which was rad as hell. Thanks to Cantankerous Records guys and everyone at KIPL who made it happen.

Upcoming release will be a Bono split 3"CDr with Drongo (local noisecore) released on Oligoscene. Also planning on a Tar Pits CDr release sometime before the end of the year, or early next year.

And then lots of other stuff in 2012, including a new record label which will run parallel to Oligoscene (or replace Oligoscene? not sure yet, depends if I still want to do small CDr runs and web releases every now and then) and be far more ambitious (tape releases, wider scope of artists).

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Actually forget about that noisegrind Bono material I said I'd post, I've been tweaking the recordings for forever and I can't make it work, it just kinda sucks too much. I might reuse them later but I'm not sure.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Longest Meth Binge

Longest Meth Binge - Lateral Gene Transfer
Released 2011
Web release

10 Untitled tracks, totaling 25:37

This is a new project of mine, purely digital noise. I started this as a challenge of sorts, to try to get away from my usual setup and to try to make engaging digital noise, a method which is usually kinda frowned on. Not quite as harsh as the Bono material, but still within the realm of harsh noise. More glitchy beeping noises and almost rhythmic parts. I will be continuing this project and trying to release more on a pretty regular basis. Enjoy!

New Bono noisegrind/sludge albums very soon

Monday, April 4, 2011

Huge update!! New albums! Old stuff uploaded!!

It feels like forever since I updated or even thought about this blog, but I've actually been somewhat busy with music in the last month or two

Firstly, I've uploaded both of Bono's self-titled albums to, and I'll try to get Obscured Voice up there soon.

Also, Bono has recorded a shitload more noisegrind/sludge stuff, probably enough for two albums! I will be editing and mixing those over the next couple weeks so expect them after a month or so!

Finally I finished another music project and uploaded it here a couple weeks ago! But I forget to tell anyone, so now you all know. It's an all chopped and screwed, distorted and edited dubstep/brostep/grime mix. It sounds heavy as fuck! I made this because I listen to the way the US dubstep scene is going and I don't think they're taking it nearly far enough, everything needs to be distorted and slowed down to a crawl. It needs to be the electronic equivalent of Corrupted! I mostly made this for myself + my friends but I might as well put it up for anyone to listen to. The artists in the mix are; 16bit, Cardopusher, Tempa T, Aphex Twin, Broken Note, Hecq, Excision / Datsik, Britney Spears

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bono - Estado Novo

Bono - Estado Novo
Released 2011
Web Release

37 Untitled tracks, totaling 21:48

This is our first noisegrind material. Sloppy and amateur, completely improvised, lo-fi production quality. Almost sounds like a harsh noise band playing while the worst grindcore band is playing in the next room. Jumps from harsh noise, to noisegrind, to almost power electronics. Like Arsedestroyer or Gore Beyond Necropsy overrun by noise tendencies. Our next few releases will likely be similar to this material.

In the coming week or so I will upload as much of our discography as possible to bandcamp

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Bono harsh noisegrind soon

Just about finished mixing our first noisegrind material. Probably have this up on bandcamp within the next few days. It's not really pure noisegrind, there's still a tonne of harsh noise material and the drums are kinda mixed too low (next recordings will be better). I just about wrecked my voice recording this stuff because I didn't have a mic for my most of vocals, and I just had to hope the mics on our amps would pick it up (it did, very slightly). It sounds very sloppy and amateur, which is great in some ways but I'd like to tighten up my drumming more. 37 tracks, 22 minutes. Recording again on Saturday so hopefully that session will be just as fruitful.

Also setting up a Bono bandcamp account, but apparently you can't upload lossless files bigger than 220mb? So I probably wont be able to get all of our material on there (Monolith #1, Obscured Voice), kinda sucks. Oh well, whatever.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No more physical releases for a while

Just a quick update to say I've decided to not do any more physical releases for a while. When I first started Oligoscene, my idea was to have very limited, DIY CDr or cassettes and then spread the releases further using the internet. Having a physical product to actually make, look at and hold was appealing to me. These days, that's not really how I consume music, and I feel like it's more trouble than it's worth. Oligoscene will now be a net label of sorts? Who knows, I'll probably just continue uploading stuff to mediafire or maybe bandcamp. This will hopefully mean a quicker turnaround of material and more motivation on my end.

I might still release physical stuff on other labels and if I ever find the motivation I might start making CDrs or even cassettes again.

More Bono coming soon! Tar Pits eventually! Screwed mix in the works!